My Story

If CBD Oil has made an impact on your life, I ask that you take 5 minutes to read my story. I can confidently say that CBD Oil has changed my life in a major way. After initially trying a mediocre product I found at my local pharmacy, I looked online for more options, during my search I was faced with several challenges:

A) Trust/Reliability: With no FDA regulation, there is currently no way to ensure the level of CBD Oil in products you buy online. If you're not testing each item you buy - you'll never know

B) Cost: Everybody's expensive but not many are worth the money!

C) THC Content: Will I fail a drug test? Research will imply that unless you are taking 1000's of MG's of CBD Oil per day, the chances of failing a drug test for THC were extremely low. I put that theory to the test, after taking 50MG of CBD twice per day (.2% THC) I failed both an at home test and a urinalysis done with my primary care physician.

D) Quality: The majority of products I tried were simply not that effective.

After seeing what a mess the industry was, I was determined to TAKE BACK CONTROL and make that possible for the countless people who need provider they can rely on. TakeBackControlCBD was then founded with a clear vision, do the right thing by people, provide the highest quality CBD Oil Products and, most of all, make it affordable for all. We sampled Industrial Hemp from around the world and began to share our story and forge relationships with companies who really care. We deal only with organic farmers who pride themselves on quality and truly believe in the power of CBD. Our goal is to provide a more transparent approach to CBD Oil sales. The solution is simple, provide the best quality products for the best possible price while maintaining a level of honesty and integrity. That means real time testing done on every batch, you will receive EXACTLY what you're paying for at a fair price. Guaranteed.

Our CBD Oil is extracted form organic hemp grown exclusively in the South of Europe, without the use of any herbicides, pesticides or fungicides. We use a highly efficient supercritical cO2 extraction. There's no games here, there’s no huge markups, there’s no watering down, just the best quality for the cheapest price possible.

Our CBD Oil Paste and CBD Oil Tincture have roughly DOUBLE-TRIPLE the CBD Oil content of my competitors with products in similar price range. Support TakeBackControlCBD and help us ignite the momentum in price reduction so many people need.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.





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